We can't deny the fact that we are in an era to which every day, countless of people like to shop through ecommerce stores when compared to traditional brick and mortar shops in streets. In a global scale, the ecommerce industry was able to make a significant increase and to be exact, it is around 20 percent rise from 14 to 15.


Let's look at some reasons why ecommerce industry has seen a big increase and to why there are countless of people who are attracted to it.


Reason number 1. Better prices - compared to physical stores, the prices of products offered in online stores are available at a discounted price. That's because of the reason almost all people are making use of the internet to locate better deals. According to research, 71 percent of Americans think that they'll be able to find better deals for their hard earned money by buying from online stores.


Searching online isn't hard compared to visiting one store and then the other physically is the reason why customers prefer to roam around the net and search various ecommerce stores. At the end of the day, they buy from the store that sells the item they are interested with the lowest offer.


Reason number 2. Varieties - it usually happens a lot that you don't find the item you're looking for when shopping from a physical store. If you do not have much time to visit other shops near you, then you'll be forced to purchase a different item and might be at a higher price. When roaming through stores online on the other hand, you can search for the specific item you want easily and buy it from the amazon seller central without getting up from your chair.


Reason number 3. Incomparable convenience - you'll be stuck in many of small tasks when visiting a brick and mortar store such as dressing up, cleaning the car, gas refilling, deal with traffic and wait in the store. These small tasks are eliminated when you're shopping from an ecommerce store. And even if you're wearing pajamas, you could buy the item you want through the amazon seller central. If ever you can't find the item you wish to buy, there are also hundreds of other stores offering it, which gives you plenty of choices.



Reason number 4. Discreet shopping - there are items in which buying it is difficult without someone awkwardly staring at you. These situations can make you feel embarrassed. This is impossible to happen if you are shopping in an ecommerce site since you are all alone in front of your computer.